A 3.5-tonner based on a converted drop-frame Citroën Relay chassis cab, it offers a rear load deck height of just 400mm. As well as providing easy walk-in access for the crew, it makes it safer and simpler to load the vehicle and unload glass from its two full-length, full-height, internal racks.

The cargo area is 4,000mm long and 2,400mm high with a 1,340mm-wide aisle between the racking. That provides sufficient space for a significant number of window units to be transported says Supertrucks.

With a low centre of gravity, the glass carrier can handle a 1,340kg payload. On offer with a choice of either single or twin external racks, it can also be specified with a concertina-style roof instead of a conventional fixed roof. It permits up to 80 per cent of the roof length to be opened, allowing the vehicle to be loaded using an overhead crane.

Prices start at £23,000 plus VAT.