Citroen unveiled a facelifted version of its Berlingo light van ahead of its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March.
No prices or on-sale dates were announced, with details expected to emerge after Geneva.
The revised model is powered by five diesels units, which are all Euro 6 compliant. The greenest model is the 1.6-litre 110hp which emits 106/km of CO2, although all models emit 112g/km or less.
The Berlingo is also offered with an electric variant. Citroen said it has a range of 170km (105 miles) between charges. The 67hp battery is able to recharge automatically during deceleration and braking.
The Berlingo LCV is available in two body formats – L1 (volume up to 3.7m3) and L2 (volume up to 4.1m3), which the manufacturer said is big enough to house two Europallets.

Payloads are expected to remain largely in line with the current model, these range from 625 to 885kg.
The 60/40 rear asymmetric doors open to 180 degrees to enable easier loading, Citroen said, while a modular cabin, which is available as an optional extra, includes:
space for three people to sit side-by-side, a side passenger seat that folds away to create a flat floor for loads up to 3m long in L1 and 3.25m in L2, a central seat backrest that folds to provide a tabletop workspace and an additional 7.5-litre storage compartment, which is available under the central seat cushion and can be locked.

Citroen’s fellow PSA brand Peugeot is also set to introduce a facelifted Partner van.