Danish electric leisure vehicle company Garia has launched its new Utility City truck aimed at last-mile delivery companies in cities.

The road-legal vehicle can travel for up to 45 miles on a single charge, and is priced from £15,500, excluding VAT. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery from Samsung.

The open-sided van is not eligible to receive the Plug-In Van Grant allowance of up to £8000 due to it not meeting the minimum range requirement, which is 60 miles.

The vehicle has a top speed of 28mph, and its payload is rated at 740kg. Other body options available are a mesh cage, drop side, a tipper and a fully enclosed van.

An off-road version is also offered, which a spokesman said is designed for towards park use.

Garia is known for its golf carts, and the new van shares many of its parts with the firm’s existing range of vehicles.

The vehicle will be sold in the UK by Oldham-based distributor ePower Trucks, which also sells an electric conversion of the Nissan Cabstar van.

“The Garia Utility truck is a great vehicle that is ideal for last-mile deliveries and urban operations. The option of a lithium-ion battery is an industry first for this type of utility truck, further enhancing its appeal,” said Jerry Hanns, managing director of ePower Trucks.