Fleetcheck has been named as approved fleet software supplier by Veriforce CHAS.

The supply chain risk management and compliance organisation has created a new Vehicle Compliance Standard (VCS) that is designed to be applied to SME van and truck operators.

The VCS is supported by Fleetcheck within its core software and accompanying apps, and will enable Veriforce CHAS members operating vehicles to prove that they are meeting the new requirements.

Veriforce CHAS head of global new markets Alex Minett said: “The new VCS has been developed with National Highways and Driving for Better Business to assist our SME operators in complying with their legal obligations around using a vehicle for work, while ensuring the safety of their employees, customers, and other road users.

“Many tradespeople and organisations offering mobile services do not class themselves as drivers, or as employing drivers. However, it doesn’t matter what type of business is using vehicles or how many they have. If an employee uses a vehicle for work purposes, even to travel to a job or meeting, they have legal responsibilities for, and while driving the vehicle.”

Fleetcheck commercial vehicle consultant Barrie Wilson said: “We’re very pleased to be working with Veriforce CHAS on this project. We already have extensive experience in the SME construction sector and are aware of its particular needs, so have been able to code the new VCS into our products relatively easily. 

“What we are offering to Veriforce CHAS members is a core, desktop-based fleet management system linked to apps that allow evidence for compliance to be collected in real world situations, typically by drivers conducting vehicle walkaround checks. 

“We know that employers who manage their work-related road risk experience fewer incidents involving their vehicles, less days lost to injury, fewer repairs to their vehicles, reduced running costs and an improved service to their customer.”