Fleet software and management specialist Fleetcheck has revealed a new updated version of its Vehicle Inspection App, which now includes a new driver competency tool. 

The new tool is designed to assess whether an employee is competent to carry out safety inspections, and is applicable to all commercial vehicle and car licence types. 

The Vehicle Inspection App also now includes an improved trailer inspection routine, providing automated prompts for the driver, and offers an option for employees to view fuel cards that are linked to themselves and their vehicle. 

Fleetcheck’s app has also become more usable with the implementation of a new login procedure, allowing people to use their mobile number and PIN rather than an email and password combination. 

Peter Golding, managing director, said: “We regularly update the app, but this has been one of the more substantial revisions we’ve undertaken, incorporating new ideas from both within Fleetcheck and across our user base. 

“The product has been one of our major success stories of the last few years. There has been a general increase in awareness of the importance of this kind of digital safety check product in the market, both among car and commercial vehicle fleets, and we have been well-placed to take advantage of the trend.” 

Golding added that Fleetcheck would continue to update and enhance its app in order to meet the demands of users during the pandemic.