Infrastructure services firm FM Conway has added 12 electric Renault vans to its fleet.

The vehicles, supplied by Herd Group, are Kangoo E-Tech vans, equipped with Chapter 8 livery.

They will be used in London boroughs, and form part of FM Conway’s effort for half of its lighter vans to be fully electric by 2025.

Plant, transport and workshop director Dan Conway said: “The plan is to integrate more electric vehicles across the business to meet our 2025 target.

“The Herd Group have made the fleet transition as seamless and efficient as possible. With lack of business interruption being key, the switch to electric vehicles has been no different to any new fleet changes.

“With the initial cost of EV vehicles being nearly double traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, the lower running costs and reliability of electric vehicles makes them an economical choice until new technologies come through.”

Herd Group fleet director Danielle Davison said: “The EV landscape is evolving at a rapid pace and adoption within the LCV space has now become a priority for many fleets. 

“At Herd we understand the transition to electric needs careful consideration; as such, we work closely with customers to help identify vehicles that work from a range, payload, and capability perspective.” 

“Herd spent time working with FM Conway to understand not only the way the vehicles were used, but where and how this aligned with FM Conway’s broader net zero strategy.”