When fitted with the optional 62mph speed limiter the official combined cycle fuel consumption for the Custom Econetic is 46.3mpg with CO2 emissions of 162g/km – figures that Ford claims are comparable with a family diesel car, such as its S-Max and an 8% reduction against the best economy achieved by the previous generation mid-sized Transit.

Without the optional speed limiter, Ford said the Custom Econetic achieves fuel economy of 44.8mpg and CO2 output of 166g/km.

For customers who do not want to be restricted to 62mph (fixed speed limiters can also be specified for 56 or 70mph), the one-tonne model comes with a switchable 70mph speed limiter and other standard fuel-saving features like Auto-Start-Stop and Acceleration Control, which limits acceleration to the rate achievable when the van is fully laden even when it is only part-laden or has no load on board.

Ford claimed Acceleration Control could cut consumption by up to 15% and lessen wear and tear on brakes and tyres.

Additional fuel-saving features include a unique engine calibration, a coolant bypass valve for quicker warm-up, optimised gearing with a 6% longer final drive ratio, low-rolling resistance tyres and aerodynamic wheel trims.