The chassis double-cab is to be made available without back seats and with unglazed rear doors under the Utility banner. Specify a bulkhead too and you can create a reasonably secure rear area where you can stow tools. The newcomer will be available to order in the spring, with prices announced nearer the on-sale date.

A Thatcham-approved Category 1 alarm is now up for grabs as a £175 option on all Transit chassis double cabs.

An additional model has been added to the Transit Double Cab-in-Van line-up, which features models with a second row of seats and a load compartment right at the back. A front-wheel drive medium-wheelbase low-roof 2.8-tonner, it can handle a payload of from 903kg to 915kg. A 2.2-litre TDCi diesel engine on offer at 85hp, 115hp or 140hp is fitted and prices start at £17,420.

All diesel Transits now boast a shift indicator light in the instrument cluster. It illuminates at the optimum time to change to a higher gear with an eye to cutting fuel usage, CO2 emissions and component wear. It does not light up during heavy acceleration, braking or when the clutch pedal is depressed.