A new all-in-one home charging system for electric vans is being launched by Ford Pro.

The package, aimed at SMEs without central depots or full-time fleet managers, includes training, a charger and installation, management software, and a five-year warranty.

Ford Pro charging software enables users to schedule charging in line with off-peak energy tariffs, and there is also integration with Ford Pro Telematics to simplify driver reimbursement and compliance.

Businesses with multiple drivers charging at home can use Ford Pro Telematics software to easily track energy use across their fleets, and can view reimbursement due for each driver using a set rate per kWh.

The system also provides central control of remote pre-conditioning to warm or cool the battery and cab while on charge to optimise driving range, and displays alerts if a vehicle is not charging when it should be.

The system also includes public charger support for longer trips.

The Ford Pro home charging system will first launch in the UK this summer, before being rolled out to other major European markets. 

Ford Pro Europe general manager Hans Schep said: “This smart new home charging solution designed around business needs strengthens our products and services ecosystem, and will help reduce paperwork and costs for our customers, support their electrification journey, and accelerate their productivity.”