Ford has introduced a super-tough version of its ignition key for its Transit and Transit Custom vans.
The American manufacturer claims that this new key will still be able to work after being submerged underwater for half an hour, dropped onto a concrete floor 50 times or after being exposed to temperatures ranging from -20 degrees to 60 degrees.
According to Ford, the key fob is permanently sealed shut to ensure it is completely waterproof, with the two halves being joined together by friction welding, while the inside of the key contains a battery cell which is recharged whenever it’s placed in the ignition slot.
“Our customers want a key which can tackle the hard knocks of construction sites and city deliveries, and keep coming back for more,” said Jonathan Allan, electrical engineering supervisor at Ford of Europe. “While a mobile phone can sometimes let you down, Ford has ensured that Transit drivers have a key which is just as rugged as their vehicle.”

The new key replaces the existing model and is available now. A Ford spokeswoman told What Van? there are no current plans to offer the new key in its car or smaller van ranges.