Dave Lucus from the London Borough of Redbridge has won the FTA’s 2015 Van Excellence Driver of the Year award.
The prize was open to the best drivers of any Van Excellence accredited operators.
Each driver undertook five separate tests designed to evaluate their overall ability behind the wheel, examined in areas including fuel economy, maneuvering ability, risk awareness and legislative knowledge, and the overall winner was decided based on the combined scores from the tasks.
1st         Dave Lucas, London Borough of Redbridge
2nd        Ian Booth, Balfour Beatty
3rd        Glen Quinn, Iron Mountain
“The image of the ‘white van man’ is much maligned, and this event offers drivers the opportunity to highlight the fantastic work they do, and illustrates the professional manner in which they carry out their work – playing a vital role within the UK logistics sector on a daily basis,” said Mark Cartwright, FTA’s head of vans.

The awards were held at Wentworth Park in Barnsley and 17 drivers were shortlisted for the award, however a spokeswoman for the FTA told What Van? some companies held internal tests before submitting its representative for the award.