The average cost of fuel at UK filling stations has continued to rise, according to data from the RAC.

The motoring organisation said the average price of diesel had climbed by a further 2p per litre since a new record high was previously reported at the start of November, with the average now 149.66p.

In addition, the average price of petrol has reached 146p per litre, representing a further 3.5p rise since the fuel broke through its previous record high at 142.48p on 24 October.

RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: “Drivers are desperately in need of some respite at the pumps, but it’s hard to see when that’s going to come and it could well turn into an excruciatingly expensive winter. 

“Oil is still trading well above $80 and the cost of the bio components of both fuels are higher than ever and retailers are still taking more margin per litre than they traditionally do.

“The combined effect is going to be hard for many families on lower incomes who depend on their cars day to day. There will also be a very unwelcome impact on businesses, which tend to be very dependent on diesel, and, in turn, this will lead to a knock-on effect on retail prices potentially adding more fuel to the fire of rising inflation.”