The cost of both diesel and petrol at UK filling stations rose by more than 3p per litre in February, according to the RAC.

It says the average cost of a litre of diesel went from 123.35p to 126.47p, while the average litre of petrol went from 120.22p to 123.38p.

The latest figures make it four consecutive months of price rises.

The RAC says a sharp increase in oil prices has led to the pump price rise, with the cost of a barrel increasing by $10 during February, and by $29 since November.

RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: “February was another rough month for drivers at the pumps and there is great uncertainty over the future of forecourt prices, with fears of further rises looming large. 

“The worry now is whether analysts’ talk of oil reaching $80 by the end of the year will prove accurate. If it does, we could see a litre of unleaded top 130p and diesel 134p.”