Retailer The Furniture Market says it has seen its insurance claims cut in half after installing the Lightfoot driver coaching system in its van fleet.

It says having installed the system across its 16 Renault Master vans, it has also seen a 15% reduction in its fuel bills, and a 20% reduction in vehicle idling.

Lightfoot features a dashboard-mounted device and rewards app, to incentivise drivers to avoid harsh acceleration, braking and cornering, as well as idling.

The Furniture Market operations manager Darren Evans said: “Running a fleet of 16 vehicles has its challenges. Keeping track of drivers is the simple element. Changing driver behaviour is where the really hard work begins. That’s where Lightfoot’s self-managing solution wins out. 

“Today, our drivers operate their vehicles in a completely different way. All instances of dangerous driving have been eradicated. We’ve also ended over-speeding through the use of limiters, and we’ve slashed over-acceleration.

“The result is a 15% fall in fuel bills, less wear and tear, and a 50% drop in accidents. That wouldn’t have been possible pre-Lightfoot, and enables us to operate without the overhead of a dedicated fleet manager.”