Laundry equipment company GA Commercial has purchased vans for the first time via Vanaways.

The company, which previously rented its vehicles, has started by buying three Renault Trafic vans, with a further seven expected during the next few months.

The firm’s director of commercial Scott Moore is said to have switched from rental to purchase following advice from Vanaways’ business development manager Hannah Pearson.

Moore said: “We’re on a growth journey, and we wanted a vehicle supplier who shared our values for quality of service and innovative thinking. Myself, our managing director David Ince and our chairman Andy Taurins have taken these growth decisions and I’d like to thank my colleagues for giving me this opportunity to develop things.

“During this period Hannah’s advice has been excellent, her dedication to a solution which works for our business has been exemplary and her communications have been reliable and effective.

“We’ve been able to make significant savings on the cost of each vehicle and the added benefit of owning assets in the business means we can reinvest their value.

“It’s great to have a partner who we trust to be acting in our best interests as we look to grow our customer base around the UK.”

Pearson, who is said to have worked closely with Boost Asset Finance on the deal, said: “After thorough discussions around what GA Commercial were trying to achieve as a business and taking into consideration future growth plans, we found a great option which really suited the customer.

“At the forefront of our decisions was a competitive monthly price point, alongside a fleet of vans in which the employees felt safe, comfortable and happy travelling around the UK.

“Vanaways is of course delighted to be support GA Commercial as it continues to grow its business. 

“We love finding customers who share our passion for dynamic thinking and quick and efficient service. There’s a real synergy there and we look forward to helping Scott and the rest of the team as the company develops.”