Telematics firm Geotab has announced that its integrated service for Ford vehicles is now available in several European countries, including the UK.

It allows the integration of Ford Data Services into the MyGeotab platform with no installation of extra hardware required.

It sees Ford Data Services securely transfer data from enrolled Ford vehicles to Geotab’s cloud environment, allowing fleet operators to access their vehicles’ data on the MyGeotab platform while also gaining access to Ford-specific data available for all 2020 Ford models and beyond. 

The solution is compatible with EU GDPR principles, and users can access data-driven insights and electric vehicle capabilities, along with having the ability to create custom rules, dashboards and alerts.

Users can also access a range of mobile apps and additional software and hardware features through the Geotab Marketplace.

Geotab vice president for technology solutions and operations Stefano Peduzzi said: “OEMs like Ford understand the value of telematics and the data behind fleets.

“Geotab will continue its efforts to collaborate with OEMs to better understand how we, as an industry, can improve fleet management services on both a customer and environmental level, while offering the most convenient and valuable solution for businesses on the market.”  

Director of Ford Commercial Solutions Europe Dave Phatak said: “Ford Data Services is committed to … ensuring our customers continue to get manufacturer-grade vehicle information from the telematics provider of their choice, regardless of where they may be.

“Through this integration with Geotab, our hope is that customers across Europe will be even better equipped to deliver best-of-breed fleet management, spurring further innovation and driving down costs.”