Only 50% of the tyre pressures at this year’s Commercial Vehicle Show were found to be within 10% of the correct level, according to tyre pressure monitoring company Wheelright.

According to the firm’s data, one in 10 vehicles tested were found to have tyres that were underinflated by more than 20%.

The tyre pressure monitoring system was placed in the NEC’s eastern car park. Visitors to the show were able to test the  device by driving over the instrument and then obtaining their results by confirming their vehicle’s  registration number.

Wheelright claimed it read the pressures of 1476 vehicles on the day of the show. The lowest tyre pressure monitored at the show came in at 9psi.

“The data we have collected clearly highlights that tyre pressure remains an issue of concern,” said Wheelright chief executive John Catling. “Indeed, the lowest tyre pressure read by our system during our CV Show demonstration revealed nine psi – a worryingly and extremely unsafe result.”