Walsall-based HomeServe is having its vans’ engine management systems re-mapped to improve operating economy and cut emissions.

Claimed to be Wallsall’s largest private employer, the company has brought in Birmingham-based Viezu Technologies, which is using its BlueOptimize vehicle-tuning product for the programme. Viezu’s software controls throttle openings, revs and power, and is claimed to be the only economy and emissions-biased rather than performance-based re-mapping package.

Initially, half of HomeServe’s 400-strong van fleet is being re-mapped, with the remainder going through the process before the end of the year.

‘The challenge for us was installation, because HomeServe’s vehicles are spread across the whole country rather than being kept at a number of depots,’ said Viezu Technologies operations directors Alasdair Maclachlan. ‘Using our team of field based installers and our dealer network, we have been able to provide a cost effective, and most importantly for Homeserve, flexible installation solution,’ he said.