Toyota says its project to develop a hydrogen fuel cell version of its Hilux pick-up truck has entered the final phase.

Ten prototype vehicles have been built, with five of these now undergoing field testing to assess safety, performance, functionality and durability, and the other five engaged in customer and media demonstrations, including at this summer’s Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris.

Toyota says that know-how gained from the project will contribute to the next generation of fuel cell technology.

When asked if there were plans for a production version of the hydrogen Hilux, a Toyota spokesperson said its current status was that of a prototype, and details of manufacturing were outside the current scope of the project.

The hydrogen Hilux features a powertrain based on Toyota’s Mirai hydrogen car, with a driving range of up to 373 miles, and an electric motor sending 182hp to the rear wheels.

It has been developed by a consortium including Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK, Ricardo, ETL, D2H Advanced Technologies, and Thatcham Research.