Radio-controlled vehicle manufacturer Tamiya has recreated a series of its 1980s TV ads using a fleet of its modern 1:10 Hilux Bruiser toys… and a real-life Toyota Hilux.

Called Tow, Wade and Mud and Pull, the ads can be viewed on Toyota’s Youtube channel ( with the models and full-size pick-up being put through real-world tests side by side.

Before the cameras rolled for Pull, Tamiya calculated that each truck could generate 2kg of pulling force, so with 15 models, 30kg of muscle would be enough to haul the 3.2t Hilux.
The model trucks’ tyres were inflated to 60psi, and their 4WD powertrain locked into low-ratio mode. Two 500g weights were placed behind each model’s cab in order to improve traction too.

The miniature versions were connected to the big Hilux via a steel towing arm featuring
15 separate eyelets and cables, and the arm was bolted to the Toyota via its front tow point.