Isuzu has announced it is supplying 25 double-cab D-max pick-ups to green service supplier Glendale.

Glendale contacted Isuzu after the company won a tender with Western Power Distribution. The firm said it then contacted Isuzu to set up a deal but with a short lead time.

The vehicles have been fitted with Chapter 8 decals and lighting and off-road wheels as well as being finished in Glendale’s lime green hue, with Isuzu’s dark green canopy.

“It’s very gratifying that Glendale has chosen the D-Max for its vehicle of choice, as we know it has very high expectations when it comes to the quality, reliability and economy of its fleet,” said Alan Able, fleet operations manager for Isuzu.

“This is one of several D-Max fleet deals secured in recent months, with many more in the pipeline,” said Able.