Construction materials business Breedon is said to have seen a 10.9% drop in CO2 emissions from its GB LCV fleet having installed Lightfoot’s in-cab driver coaching technology.

Following adoption across its fleet of 380 vehicles, Breedon has also reported a 12.2% fall in fuel costs, and a 24% reduction in pollution caused by vehicle idling.

In addition, incidents of aggressive driving are said to be down by 80%, harsh acceleration by 63%, severe braking by 28%, and cornering at speed by 19%.

Breedon head of health and safety Nigel Clamp said the company had adopted the technology as it aims to be carbon neutral by 2050, and also support industry ‘beyond net zero’ targets.

He said: “Within our fleet, we wanted to find a solution that not only enables us to hit these goals, but which also allows us to stay true to our corporate values: creating a workplace where our people feel safe, proud, and motivated to do their best.

“That’s where Lightfoot comes in. By engaging with our drivers and giving them a reason to be smoother, safer, more mindful, and more efficient, we’re not only dramatically cutting emissions, but we’re also lowering the frequency and severity of accidents on the road. 

“That keeps our drivers safer in their daily duties and, in doing so, contributes to lower levels of vehicle wear and tear, and costs associated with vehicle downtime.”