Traffic reached its highest level ever in 2015, increasing by 2.2% compared with the previous year, the latest Department for Transport figures have revealed.

Van traffic saw the greatest increase, with a 6.1% jump to 47.7bn miles covered – a new high, while car traffic rose to 248.6bn vehicle miles during 2015.

LGV traffic has increased its share of vehicle traffic by 2.5% over the last decade, to 15.0% last year.

According to the Provisional Road Traffic Estimates figures, 317.8 billion vehicle miles were travelled on British roads in 2015.

This figure tops the pre-recession peak in the year ending September 2007 by 1.1%, while traffic levels have increased for the 11th quarter in a row.

According to the DfT, motorway traffic increased by 2.4% to 65.8bn vehicle miles, a new record, while all road types – aside from urban ‘A’ roads – experienced a rise in traffic levels.

The Government said this upward trend is likely to reflect a growth in the UK’s economy, while lower fuel prices are also helping.

The typical price of unleaded in 2015 was 16.3p per litre cheaper than in 2014, while diesel was 18.5p less expensive per litre, than in 2014.