LEVC has announced a battery upgrade for its VN5 electrified van.

A range extender model, featuring an electric motor and battery which can be recharged via an onboard petrol engine as well as by plugging in, the VN5 is based on LEVC’s TX London taxi, which has also received the same upgrade.

The size of the battery has been increased from 31kWh to 34.6kWh, which with the VN5 means official CO2 emissions reduced from 19g/km to 17g/km, and an increase in electric-only range from 64 miles to 73 miles (combined range with the petrol engine is up from 318 miles to 328 miles).

LEVC CEO Alex Nan said: “The updated battery further bolsters the already compelling business case for our customers, with significant benefits for drivers, owner operator, while helping to improve air quality in urban environments.”