Driver coaching firm Lightfoot has introduced a new suite of in-cab camera services.

It says the new Lightfoot Vision offering is designed to build on its existing service, which offers real-time feedback to drivers linked to rewards.

Lightfoot Vision is designed to use AI and machine vision to alert drivers when they are behaving unsafely on the move, such as by not wearing a seatbelt, using a mobile phone, eating, drinking, or smoking.

Available cameras range from basic road-facing units to more advanced driver-facing dash cams.

Lightfoot Vision can also be used to capture instances of harsh driving and cornering, speeding, idling, and events where drivers receive a Lightfoot penalty, with footage available to view through the Lightfoot portal.

The system uses AI to review the raw footage and highlight driving events in need of further investigation by fleet managers.

Lightfoot managing director Paul Hollick said: “This is something that we’ve been working on for a while, as our customers have been calling for dash cams to become a central part of the Lightfoot fleet management system. 

“The introduction of Lightfoot Vision’s in-cab camera suite takes our ability to positively influence driver behaviour for the better to an entirely new level. It enables fleets to operate in a safe, efficient, and socially responsible way, where driver self-management, aided by nudge technology through our in-cab telematics devices, instantly and sustainably improves driving behaviour – removing the need for costly training and time-consuming data analysis at the same time as improving customer service.

“By incentivising drivers and utilising cutting-edge technology that supports and protects them, we are creating a package of prevention that minimises the potential for at-fault accidents, while giving undisputable evidence to fleet managers to counter insurance fraud. That’s vital as today’s near miss could be tomorrow’s serious and costly incident. 

“By understanding where fleet risk exists, and giving drivers the tools to reduce that, we can minimise the impact of poor, distracted, or inefficient driving, saving time, money, and lives. In addition, fleets using the Lightfoot system should also see a further improvement in mpg – or an extension of range in EVs – so we’re ensuring all bases are covered for optimum performance.”