Telematics company Lightfoot has launched a ‘fleet driver of the week’ scheme to encourage van drivers to drive more carefully.

Weekly prize draws will take place, rewarding the drivers who achieve fuel economy targets.

According to Lightfoot, 80% of those who are eligible to sign-up to the programme are van drivers, and should every user of its telematics system sign up, in the region of 10,000 motorists will be competing for prizes each week.

The company’s telematics systems are used by Allianz insurance customers, and Lightfoot claimed the initiative could help drivers to cut CO2 emissions by 20%.

“We want to recognise and reward those doing their job brilliantly. We see Lightfoot as the ‘driver champion’ and our belief is that great driving deserves to be rewarded.  That’s why we are proud to be partnering with Allianz to launch ‘Lightfoot Fleet Driver of the Week’,” said Mark Roberts, managing director of Lightfoot.

Prizes on offer include weekend breaks, spa days and supercar driving experiences.