Machinery supplier Lister Wilder has agreed a deal to use Teletrac Navman products to manage its 93-strong van fleet.

The firm will be using a range of tools through Teletrac Navman’s connected fleet management platform, Director.

This includes advanced tracking, providing an overview of vehicle location and performance, and driver behaviour monitoring.

Lister Wilder service director Neil Davis said: “This new solution will give us the best foundation to deliver consistently strong services, as well as having full transparency of our workforce, so we can increase maintenance efficiency and significantly reduce operational disruptions.

“We look forward to a long-standing relationship with Teletrac Navman and await the many benefits of using such sophisticated fleet management solutions.”

Teletrac Navman UK VP for sales  Scott Hutchins said: “The productivity and safety of drivers is a top priority for fleet operators, so we are delighted to be helping a local, family-owned business improve its fleet’s operational effectiveness, by providing the solutions needed to manage a large number of vehicles.”