Housing association LiveWest is adding Visiontrack telematics to its van fleet.

A phased roll-out of the VT2000 connected dashcam is being implemented following a trial involving 40 vehicles, said to have demonstrated clear improvements in insurance claims management and driver behaviour.

The plan is for nearly 50% of the fleet, which includes 380 vans in total, to have a camera by the end of this year.

LiveWest fleet manager Paul Ayris said: “We wanted to explore the benefits of using connected vehicle cameras alongside our existing tracking solution provided by Webfleet.

“The video footage from the Visiontrack solution is providing the added context needed to quickly prove liability; challenge fraudulent, exaggerated and 50/50 claims; and better engage with our drivers.

“Moving forward, we expect this to help reduce insurance costs, while improving road safety in the communities we work in.”

Among the benefits already seen from the cameras is allowing LiveWest to prove that its driver was not at fault for one serious incident, which it said would otherwise have been a 50/50 claim.

They have also supported the company’s accident management process, and it is hoping to double the annual rebate it receives from its insurance partner.

Ayris said the cameras had also helped the company with its road safety policies.

“Backed with high quality video footage, it has been far easier for us to provide guidance to drivers on areas of improvement and for them to take feedback onboard,” he said. 

“This means we can quickly nip any issue in the bud before it poses a threat to driver welfare, other road users and the reputation of the business.”