An upgraded theft prevention kit for the Ford Transit Custom has been introduced by Locks 4 Vans.

The new L4V Hook Lock + Anti-Peel Kit has been developed as an upgrade to the standalone L4V Hook Lock, which the company says can dramatically reduce the risk of door peeling.

The Anti-Peel plate is designed to reinforce the inside edge of the van’s rear door, while the built-in Hook Lock provides added security. The package has the added advantage of keeping the door secure should the central locking system become disabled.

The kit is made from stainless steel and comes in a powder-coated black finish.

Locks 4 Vans technical manager Jason Fletcher said: “Peel and steal attacks are a perpetual problem, and whilst our Hook Lock works hard to mitigate this issue the development team here at L4V are always proactively looking at how we can improve our offering and stay one step ahead of thieves. 

“This is a game-changing product – simple in its concept but highly effective.”