This will take the daily stealth tax to £10 — double what is was when the scheme was introduced in February 2003. He also intends to scrap the £1 per day discount for fleets.

There will, however, be a new payment plan introduced. Provisionally called CC Auto Pay, and available to everyone, it will calculate the number of journeys a registered vehicle makes within the zone each week and debit customers' accounts on a weekly basis at a discount of £1 per day. Motorists who continue to use existing payment methods would be charged £10 per day.

Should they go ahead, these proposed changes will come into effect by December 2010.

One of Johnson’s election pledges was that he intended to scrap the western extension to the zone, but this now seems to be in doubt. The latest press release simply states that he is still “minded” to go ahead with the plan. Read into that what you will, but surely a politician wouldn’t have made empty promises just to get elected?