Research by leasing company Alphabet GB has found that 55% of consumers think delivery vans should now be electric.

The data is revealed in a new report, entitled ‘Fleet Streets: Accelerating changes to travel and transport in the UK’, which also states that one-in-three respondents would even be happy to pay extra for an electric delivery vehicle.

The report examines changing attitudes to transport amid the Covid-19 pandemic, and says public attitudes to the environment have shifted as a result of the lower traffic and pollution levels seen during lockdown.

It states: “Changes to air quality during lockdown have accelerated public desire for cleaner, quieter streets. 

“The shift to electric has undoubted business cost benefits, but now also has the potential to deliver positive brand perception for companies that make the shift.”

The report argues that fleets should be seizing the opportunity to electrify.

It states: “The change in public perception provides the perfect platform for fleets to address their alternative drivetrain strategy.

“Fleet managers must examine the duty cycle of every single vehicle in the fleet, consider how it is being used and leverage that information as the basis to reshape the fleet to drive a better understanding of the benefits of EVs and PHEVs. 

“Not only are the running costs substantially lower for battery electric vehicles compared to internal combustion engines, but there are also increased incentives available to help fleets save money by choosing electric.”