Marston Holdings has implemented automated licence checking services from DriverCheck.

Marston’s fleet includes 550 LCVs, along with cars, scooters, and HGVs, and it has 2,000 designated drivers.

The company previously relied on a largely manual but fragmented licence checking service via the DVLA.

Head of fleet and transport Lee Jackson, who joined Marston in 2019, is said to have realised it was deficient in a number of key compliance areas which could leave it exposed as a business, and having worked with DriverCheck as a third-party supplier at two previous companies, he decided to bring in automated checking.

He said: “We needed to ensure that our drivers, right from the recruitment process throughout their careers as drivers with us to when they left the company, were fully compliant with the law, and that they had a valid driving licence for the class of the vehicles they were driving.

“We had already had the support of the exec to put in place an operational plan to ensure all drivers had the relevant licence for the class of vehicle they were driving. Now all our drivers have their licences checked four times a year.

“With our grey fleet drivers, we put in place an e-mandate to allow us to check they had valid and up-to-date licences, that their insurance was appropriate for the work they were doing and their vehicles were fit for purpose.

“Now, after implementing the DriverCheck system, we see that some 98% of our drivers have 0-3 points on their licences. Anyone with six points gets a call from a director and a re-assessment of their duties is carried out.”