“The new rear-wheel drive Master takes us into different sectors,” Renault fleet and commercial vehicle operations director Darren Payne said in an interview with our sister magazine and web site BusinessCar. “There are huge opportunities in the conversion market and clearly having the newest vehicle on the market gives opportunities to conquest fleets. Conversions are an area we want to grow in and we’re working on plans at this very moment on how to approach the conversion market.”

Payne said enhanced back-up at headquarters for dealers ordering van conversions will be key to the new focus. “Clearly there is an opportunity to get things wrong and we want to make sure we support the network with a higher level of expertise,” he said. “You have to remember that in Europe we lead the van market, and as part of this growth plan I visited the main centre for conversions in Paris, to get the best practice and bring it to the UK.”

The new Master will be joined in June by the third Kangoo LCV variant, with the LWB Maxi version expected to account for around 15 per cent of sales when it joins the Compact and standard wheelbase versions.