Maxi-Low has teamed up with Vauxhall and enlisted conversion specialist Doyles to fit the Maxi-Low Luton bodies to L3H1 Movano platform cabs.

The bodies come in two formats, Luton and Luton Multi-Drop, which features lightweight shelving made from the same recyclable thermo-plastic as the body panels.

A walk-through feature is available between the bulkheads to enable access to the load bay from the cab.

Maxi-Low claimed the classic Luton-bodied vans have a payload of 1530kg while the Multi-Drops can take 1430kg. Vauxhall quotes a payload of 1059kg for its in-house built L3H1 box body.

Both Maxi-Low bodies have a load volume of 18.5m3, although larger load capacities are being developed, including a 26m3 version to meet the requirements of a loft insulation company.

 The Maxi-Low Luton can swallow six Euro pallets while the Multi-Drop can take four alongside its four shelves.

Maxi-Low said the Luton boasts a generous 1400mm between the wheel arches with the Luton Multi-Drop offering 1380mm. Both have a rear step height of 400mm, which the company claimed would reduce the risk of injury while loading.

Maxi-Low said it has already taken 250 orders for the Luton bodies, which are bought directly from the firm and then serviced through Vauxhall’s dealer network. Currently it has a production capacity of 1000 units a year.

It claimed the increased payload capacity would enable operators to make more deliveries per van, which could in turn allow them to lower their carbon footprint by running fewer vans on their fleets.

Doyles said orders for the bodies, which come with a three-year warranty, had a lead time of 12 weeks.