Mitsubishi has announced a freeze on the introduction of new models for European markets, including the UK.

The company says that existing models will continue to be sold here, and that aftersales support will also continue, however it plans to focus its resources on the more profitable South Asian market, amid plans to cut its fixed costs by 20% or more.

Mitsubishi vehicles are imported and distributed in the UK by the Colt Car Company.

A spokesperson for Colt said: “The Colt Car Company has just learned that Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has frozen the development and introduction of new models for Europe, including the UK. 

“We will continue to sell the existing range of Mitsubishi vehicles and to provide full customer support in terms of service, repair, warranty, recalls, parts and accessories. 

“We will provide updates when we know more.”

When asked how the UK Mitsubishi dealer network, and consequently the amount of support that would be available to fleets going forward, might be affected by the announcement, the spokesperson said that it was too early to speculate, with senior management currently in communication with dealers.