Mitsubishi expects to see its alliance with Renault-Nissan begin to influence its product line-up within 18 months to two years.

Alliance partners Renault and Nissan paid about £1.5bn to take a 34% controlling stake in the Japanese manufacturer in October 2016 and a spokesman told What Van? that although the agreement was now “done and dusted” it would take some time for its impact to be manifested in terms of vehicle output.

The spokesman added that Trevor Mann, the high-ranking Nissan executive who took the position of Mitsubishi’s chief operating officer when the deal went through was assessing the product options across the brands.

The spokesman pointed out Nissan and Renault had managed to maintain their separate brand identities since embarking on their strategic partnership in 1999 and added: “It’s important that Mitsubishi remains an engineering led company, but there will be synergies.”