Penny Hydraulics has launched a new crane conversion, available with the Volkswagen Crafter Dropside.

The PH110 consists of a 105kg crane which is fitted directly onto the Crafter Dropside sub-frame, allowing the vehicle to still offer a payload of over 1,100kg.

The crane boom is extendable to 4.5 metres with a maximum safe lifting capacity of 990kg, plus a rotational angle of up to 330 degrees.

It also features crane controls integrated directly into the base vehicle, including dashboard safety warnings and audible alerts.

Penny Hydraulics, which is a member of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Integrated Partner programme, can also offer a range of other lifting solutions, including hydraulic cranes from 500kg to 3000kg, ultra-lightweight electric ‘SwingLift’ cranes, and hydraulic loading platforms.

Penny Hydraulics sales director Richard Short said: “The PH110 has been designed with ease-of-use and safety in mind and we expect interest from a range of industries such as logging, road and rail transport repairs and utilities.

“The crane technology is the latest on the market and we’re delighted to have completed the conversion alongside Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.”

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles specialist sales manager Nick Axtell said: ““We are excited this crane conversion is now available to our customers after a great collaboration between our in-house experts and the team at Penny Hydraulics. “Crane controls are fully integrated into the Crafter Dropside, ensuring operators are able to carry out their jobs as safely as possible.”