eDriving has introduced a new version of its Mentor app that does not include telematics functionality.

The company says its new Mentor Insights app offers many of the same tools for improving driver behaviour as its existing app, including risk assessment, predictive driver scoring, eLearning, manager coaching, and gamification.

However, it does not include telematics-based monitoring of drivers, which according to eDriving makes it suitable for fleets not yet ready to navigate the privacy concerns that can accompany telematics deployment, or for those with a telematics system already in place who would like to use Mentor’s additional features.

These features include Personal SOS, which can be triggered by drivers to request assistance if they feel unwell or concerned about their safety at any time, in any place.

eDriving founder and CEO Ed Dubens said: “We know the use of telematics to monitor driver behaviour or calculate a driver’s risk score isn’t suitable for everyone, which is why we’re delighted that organizations can now benefit from Mentor Insight.

“It gives companies the tools to create an environment where they can support their employees to be safe drivers on the roads while respecting any privacy concerns. 

“At eDriving we help more than 1.2 million drivers in 125 countries to get home safely at the end of every day. This new addition to our Mentor product family means we can offer that support to even more drivers.”