A new range of non-slip products designed to improve safety for van operators has been introduced.

Grip Protectors are designed to fit rear bumpers, side steps, and footwells of vans, to reduce the risk of slips and falls for drivers and passengers entering and exiting their vehicles in inclement weather.

The products are manufactured from Hydro-Turf, said to be widely used in the marine industry for its non-slip qualities, and are designed to offer slip-resistance in both wet and dry conditions.

They are said to address a key issue of workplace work and safety, whereby slips and trips account for a third of workplace transport-related accidents.

Jez Crook, managing director of Line One Distributors, said: “We initially introduced the product to protect rear bumpers from scrapes and scratches which it does superbly, but more of our customers are asking for something for all van access areas to reduce the risk of slips and falls.”

“During the pandemic, we’ve been working hard expanding the product offering to include side steps and footwells and have now launched the new Grip Protector range for all major working vans. They’re extremely easy to fit.”