Full sale details of the new LCV version of Suzuki’s Jimny off-roader have been announced.

The Jimny initially went on sale as a car in 2018, before being withdrawn from the UK market due to tightening emissions regulations.

The new LCV model, which will be available in the UK in very limited numbers during 2021, has been created effectively by removing the car’s rear seats, creating an 863-litre load area, and installing a safety cargo partition.

Maximum load length is 916mm, and maximum payload and braked towing weight are 150kg and 1,300kg respectively.

A 1.5-litre petrol engine produces 101hp, and 130Nm of torque. It drives the wheels through a five-speed manual gearbox.

The Jimny features selectable four-wheel drive, and selectable low-range transmission.

Combined fuel economy is 36.7mpg on the WLTP cycle, whiie CO2 emissions are 173g/km.

One spec is being offered, priced at £16,796 excluding VAT.

Standard equipment includes air conditioning, DAB radio, cruise control, and autonomous emergency braking. 

Behind the wheel

What Van? had the chance to briefly sample the new Jimny LCV on an off-road course. Despite the dinky looks, this is a vehicle with serious go-anywhere capability thanks not only to four-wheel drive, but also a ladder chassis and three-link rigid axle suspension. Certainly, it made short work of a selection of gravel and mud tracks and some decent water-splashes.

Although the 1.5-litre engine might not sound like much, the Jimny’s light weight meant it had enough power to willingly scamper up some very steep, rocky inclines, with the selectable low-range gearing also proving its worth here. 

The Jimny’s car origins don’t mean a luxurious cabin – materials are hard-wearing and utilitarian, and there’s an agricultural feel to the gearshift. However, this isn’t designed to be a posh SUV, and operators needing a cheap, basic but very capable 4×4 will likely find it much to their liking – though we’d also need to drive it on the road before coming to a full verdict.