Larkland May, 52, of Willesden, north London, was working as a senior driver for office supplies company Lyreco when he parked his Mercedes Sprinter van in London to make a delivery in April 2009.

Southwark Crown Court heard that in contravention of the Highway Code he failed to apply the handbrake, leave the vehicle in gear or turn the wheels towards the kerb to secure its position. When another vehicle nudged the van, it rolled down a slope and struck and killed two pedestrians. Prosecutor Christopher Hehir said the incident was “an accident waiting to happen”.

He added: “In these circumstances it’s vitally important your vehicle’s handbrake is properly applied. That’s simple common sense.”

“A person is guilty of causing death by careless driving if their driving standard is deemed to fall below the standards of a competent and prudent driver,” said CPS Lawyer Regina Naughton. “Parking forms part of the driving of a vehicle and by failing to sufficiently secure his vehicle he is deemed to have acted carelessly whilst driving.”

The court was told the van was mechanically sound at the time of the incident.  May was due to be sentenced on 1 October.