Commercial vehicle fleets are being warned that an increasing number of vans will require frequently topping up with Adblue as the Euro6 emission standard is adopted.

Van leasing giant Northgate is advising fleets to check the intervals at which any Euro6- compliant 3.5t GVW commercial vehicle will need Adblue top-ups as some can require filling every

3000 miles. Without Adblue some engines will go into limp-home mode or fail to start.

Adblue is a clear, aqueous urea solution used to treat exhausts on modern diesels.

Northgate’s technical support manager Gary Dean said: “Businesses need to consider three key points: the maintenance support of these new vehicles, the acquisition

methods and resulting costs involved in incorporating Euro6 emission vehicles into their fleet, and finally the expertise required to services these vehicles.”

The rental firm said it is working with the AA to introduce a tailored roadside assistance
and breakdown service in order to be prepared for any problems as more Euro6 vehicles come through onto UK roads.