Five electric LDV EV80 vans have been converted by Courtside Conversions as wheelchair-accessible minibuses for Nottingham council. 

The converted vans feature eight passenger seats which are all removable to create space for three wheelchair passengers.

Courtside Conversions used the LDV EV80 LWB high roof panel van as the base vehicle and installed lightweight flooring and seating, as well as other weight-saving measures to maximise the usable payload.

In addition to the five minibuses, Courtside Conversions will also deliver 11 3.5 tonne cage tippers, also based on the LDV EV80.

Nottingham City Council ran a tender in early 2019 to procure five EV wheelchair-accessible minibuses and the LDV EV80 was chosen for its payload and 118-mile range.