NTB has based its prototype Electric Oven Van on a converted Renault Kangoo. It has leased the van, via Arval, to catering supplier Sodexo, which is using it to deliver meals to its client base in London.

The van houses an electric fan-assisted oven installed with a control device that keeps the temperature stable throughout the journey, allowing meals to be served hot on delivery.

NTB claimed this is an improvement on the existing gas oven vans, which can not be turned on in transit resulting in meals potentially being delivered cold.

It said the kangoo-based Electric Oven Van, on the other hand, could cook up to 49 frozen or chilled meals on route and deliver them at the recommended temperature of 79 degrees Celsius within 60 minutes.

NTB boss Vic Young said: “We are confident the Elecric Oven Van concept will make an impact in the market and is the perfect solution for councils, care home groups, catering companies and event organisations.”