Mitsubishi is to build a one-off version of its L200 pick-up truck, based on the winning design from a competition held across its dealer network.

The Truck King Battle saw the firm offer all UK dealer staff members the chance to design their dream L200, with the five best turned into realistic renderings and posted on Mitsubishi’s social media channels.

The design which proved most popular, by Joanne Tulloch, sales administrator at Livery Dole Mitsubishi in Exeter, will now be turned into a show truck to be exhibited at the CV Show at the end of April.

Called the eSports concept, it features a high-roof gaming zone which houses large screens and gaming equipment, along with bespoke seating and lighting, a refreshment bar and a high-power audio system.

The truck also features chunky off-road wheels and tyres.

Tulloch said: “I am so proud that my design was chosen for the final five, let alone driving the highest engagement levels on social media.

“The design was inspired by my husband and family, we are all gamers and the design reflects what our ultimate Mitsubishi L200 would look like. I am so excited to see the final truck, I can’t wait.”

Mitsubishi UK managing director Rob Lindley said: “The five finalist’s designs were all fantastic and demonstrated the versatility of the Mitsubishi L200 and the creativity of the staff within our Mitsubishi UK dealer network.

“The winning design is a truly unique and modern concept that is sure to turn heads.

“Online gaming has fast become big business and the emergence of eSports has proven to have ever-growing popularity. I am very much looking forward to seeing the finished vehicle.”