Technology firm Orbcomm has been selected by converter CoolKit to provide temperature monitoring, management, and compliance for its refrigerated vans.

Orbcomm’s temperature data loggers with certified sensors, designed to use thermal transfer technology for maximum reliability and performance, are being deployed, allowing CoolKit customers to download recorded temperature data to ensure cold chain compliance.

Orbcomm’s system sets adjustable tolerances to ensure temperature-sensitive loads are looked after throughout the supply chain. If out-of-range conditions occur, such as hardware malfunctions, temperature deviations from target values, rapid fuel loss or geofence entry/exit, intelligent and configurable alarms are triggered immediately, allowing operators to take rapid corrective action.

CoolKit provides refrigerated vehicles to customers in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, food and drink, and agricultural industries.

Orbcomm executive vice president of international sales Christian Allred said: “We are pleased CoolKit has selected Orbcomm as their trusted partner to deliver temperature management solutions to their customers that will help ensure their refrigerated vehicles are safe, compliant and efficient.

“We are well-positioned to provide CoolKit with the product reliability, best-in-class service and ongoing support that will enhance their market leadership.”

CoolKit CEO and owner Rupert Gatty said: “We are committed to helping our customers optimize fleet performance with innovative technology such as Orbcomm’s temperature dataloggers, which bring unmatched reliability and performance to the cold chain industry.

“With Orbcomm’s advanced solutions, we can reassure our customers of the safety, quality and integrity of our transportation services, which are the foundation of our corporate values.”