Delivery firm Paack has introduced ODO fleet management for its electric van fleet.

Paack’s vehicle fleet, which offers carbon-neutral last-mile deliveries, is supplied by leasing company Rivervale, which has supplied an end-to-end solution including the ODO platform.

Paack general manager in the UK James Lovett said: “The Rivervale and ODO partnership gives us great confidence that our network is self-sufficient and future-proofed, enabling us to deliver on our promise to consumers and our commitment to the environment. 

“Partnering with leading fleet management experts allows us to focus our energy on enhancing the delivery experience even further.”

Rivervale Leasing fleet manager Jaymie Stanbrook said: “We’re proud to be working with such an innovative and forward-looking business like Paack. It’s a reflection of the effort we have put into building out the Rivervale Fleet Management solution which is underpinned by ODO.”

Robert Gorby, chief commercial officer at ODO’s parent company Drive Software Solutions, said: “With the explosion in growth of online sales, logistics companies must ensure they fully optimise their fleet to enhance utilisation and reduce downtime. 

“We’re delighted to play an important role in the growth of Paack in the UK as they deliver the future of last-mile logistics.”