Citroen’s UK boss Jeremy Smith has emphasised how important it is for PSA partner brands Citroen and Peugeot to work together rather than to compete against each other in the same market sectors.

He says the manufacturers strive to pursue strategies that do not tread on each others’ toes with, for example, Peugeot targeting large fleets and Citroen focusing more on smaller businesses. He claims Citroen’s Business centre network, which targets SMEs in particular, is more advanced than Peugeot’s equivalent.

“The products are badge-engineered so we need strategy differences,” Smith told What Van?

“It’s better to stand back to back and look out at the market than [stand] face to face and compete with each other.”

Jane Huett, who serves as product manager LCVs for both Peugeot and Citroen, says there is an “operational opportunity” with back office functions for both PSA brands.

“We want to take advantage of the common elements between the brands,” she says.

Huett predicts Peugeot’s own Business Centre network, which was started in May 2014 and consists of 62 sites, would follow the same pattern as Citroen’s and continue to grow for five years.

Peugeot also claims one reason, other than cost, it did not launch its current Boxer at the 2014 CV Show was that Citroen unveiled its own version of the heavy van, the Relay, at the event. Returning to the show after a two year absence this year, the main attraction on Peugeot’s stand was the revised, Euro6 Partner.