The Government has confirmed the current iteration of the Plug-In Van Grant will be maintained indefinitely, but has made no definite commitment as to how long the incentive will last.

This is despite the fact the Government has pledged to continue the Plug-In Car Grant in its current format until February 2016.

In March, the Government announced that the subsidy would be extended “to meet continued demand”, but did not specify how long the incentive would be offered.

The grant, which launched in 2012, provides buyers with a 20% discount, worth up to £8000, from the cost of a new electric van.

“We will be making a separate announcement about the future of the plug-in van grant scheme,” the Department for Transport said in a statement today. “We do not anticipate that the current offer will deteriorate in the foreseeable future.”

The Government is due to make further announcements about the future of the Plug-In Car Grant beyond February 2016 at the annual Spending Review in November.

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, 673 plug-in vans were registered last year.