The price of diesel has fallen below the price of petrol following another round of price cuts by major supermarkets this morning (20 July).

According to the RAC, this is the first time diesel has been sold for less at the pumps than petrol in 15 years in some locations.

The motoring organisation believes there is further scope for cuts to the price of diesel, by up to 4p per litre over the next two weeks, as the wholesale price of diesel has fallen below the wholesale price of petrol.

The RAC claimed the wholesale price of diesel has been lower than petrol since 27 May.

“RAC Fuel Watch records show diesel was last cheaper than petrol 15 years ago on 17 July 2001, so these price cuts are great news for the nation’s 10.7 million diesel car drivers,” said RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams. “Fifteen years ago when this happened last diesel was cheaper than petrol for two and a half months, but with a new supply of diesel being produced from Saudi Arabia there is real chance that we may see the diesel price staying below petrol for some considerable time.”